With the new year comes the great joy of packing up and traveling around. The world is full of different environments, weather changes, and atmospheres. One must experience to change up their everyday routine. Everyone deserves an excellent way to relax, and what better than an international vacation? 

This article mentions a few of the top destinations to visit in the new year and has one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. 

Burlington, Vermont

So you want to unwind and sit back to enjoy probably one of the most relaxing things of all, nature. Burlington is here to offer you exactly that. With tons of fresh air and farms, you are bound to reconnect to your roots and pause the everyday busy city life. It also is home to several wines for you to taste and have the time of your life. 

New York 

One of the world’s leading cities for art, fashion, and excellent street food, Newyork is an ultimate favorite. Every traveler must visit here at least once in their lifetime. The breathtaking views at night and fast city life are what make the city so unique. It is true when they say Newyork never sleeps, and it never does. The tall skyscrapers will leave you in awe. And local hotdog cravings will be your new best friend. 

South Korea

If you are someone who enjoys a change of scenery and environment, South Korea is for you. You will be able to meet with a completely different culture. The rich history and year-round festivals are something worth going across the globe for. Not to mention, the food is also something you must try. With differences in spices, taste, and aromas, South Korea may be an amazing experience for you. 


The joy and experiences of traveling to new places are something completely out of the ordinary. You get to make new memories and go on exciting adventures.