Our world is full of history, rich culture, and ancient sites. There are numerous hidden locations of ancient times that are either forgotten about or buried under jungles. Nonetheless, all of these places are worth visiting at least once to learn about the different cultures that are a part of our world. And if you are someone who loves to get lost in museums learning all about our great ancestors and their times, these places are for you.

This article mentions some of the top ancient historic wonders of the world. 

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

This is probably one of the most popular and richly historic locations in the world. The Sphinx still stands tall just outside Cairo, gazing upon the land of its people. These pyramids were built for the ancient Egyptian rulers, the Pharaohs. These pyramids are approximately 2,500 hundred years old. Because of their rich history, they are a part of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

The great wall of China

Almost 6,000 kilometers wide is the Great Wall of China. Standing tall in between forests and mountains, this wall is enriched with Chinese culture. With its oldest section dating back to the seventh century BC, it is an ancient mark on our world. Today, it is popular in the world of tourism in China. Simply visit the wall as a day trip. 

Easter island 

On the Chilean island in the south pacific ocean, easter island has gained popularity for the huge structures also known as Moais. This is thought to be dated from the twelfth century forward. Most of these huge statues are still standing tall, while some have capsized with time. 


As mentioned, if you are a history lover, these are your top three must-visit locations for the new year! With so much culture and ancient ideologies, you will enjoy them thoroughly.