In the modern world, life is fast-paced, people are working more and barely taking the
time to rest. Our careers and jobs are important, yes, but so is our mental and
physical health. A daily routine of working can be very overwhelming, that’s why it’s
essential to take a break and plan a getaway. this restores our work-life balance and
generally improves our physical and mental health. the jade 959 marine traffic has all
you need for a perfect gateway, that will leave you relaxed, recharged, and
rejuvenated. If you have never vacationed on a yacht before, you are probably
wondering why you should choose a yacht vacation over other fascinating
destinations around the world, here is why you need to reconsider this decision,

Build for comfort.

Imagine waking up every morning next to your loved one(s), beautiful ocean
view, different location, and an onboard crew team to ensure you have the greatest
time of your life.
The jade 959 marine traffic charter has a variety of unique features, from the luxurious
FENDI furniture to fragrant antique wood pieces that create an elegant finish. It offers plenty of space for you and your guests to relax, accommodating up to12
guests in6 rooms and2 double cabins. An inclusive crew of up to9 professional crew
members on board will take care of your needs so that you and your guests can relax
and enjoy the very best charter experience. The best part of vacationing with the
jade superyacht is, you get to utilize your time, make dinner, watch your favorite TV
show as you travel from one place to another.

Embrace flexibility

The jade 959 marine traffic charter offers impressive leisure facilities to choose
from, there is gym onboard equipped with the latest exercise equipments. This super
the yacht has a modern stabilization system to reduce roll motion even during rough
seas, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy excellent facilities, food and the
the exceptional beauty of this marvelous yacht as you move from one point to
another. there are unlimited spaces for you to explore, from a private loft on the top of a deck that provides great views, a comfy-cushioned TV lounge with two play stations
and superb panoramic views, to a spacious jacuzzi on the bridge deck to help
kickback and reflect on a busy day at sea, and sun loungers just adjacent to the
breakfast room.
Besides all these onboard activities, there are much more fun sports activities to
experience, you will probably like to engage in a variety of water sport activities. We
have a nice selection of toys to choose from for a great number of water sports
activities on board. A Donut, perfect for extra coastal waterways, a water Ski and
2wakeboards would be great for kids, a water sofa, a water walking ball,10sets of dive
equipment,2 canoes, paddles, Seado jet Skis, and a rescue boat for emergency
purposes. Boening underwater cameras are used to capture images and videos
underwater to detect suspicious objects that may pose a security threat.


When you value privacy and luxury, a yacht is a great way to vacation. nothing beats
cruising with loved ones because a yacht is a great value offering relaxation and fun
in a conducive environment with good food, entertainment, and good vibes. many people choose yacht charters for various reasons, no matter the reason, a yacht will
take you to some of the most exotic destinations in the world and offer the best
vacation experience you could ever imagine. Does vacationing get any better than